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World-class business results rely on outstanding talent executing your business strategies while you practice dentistry. Are you ready to get your business off "status quo"? Make the breakthrough hire and provide a bridge between your leadership strategy and your teams' everyday execution. If you've spent much time in the business world, you've seen the tremendous difference that a high-caliber Business Manager can make. Hire a Business Manager and go home at 5:00 and spend your nights and weekends with your family again. Watch your practice grow.

A Business Manager is a professional who is responsible for the overall management and performance of business operations and thus making or implementing of major decisions. They are required to have uncanny leadership skills and provide corporate direction to all employees through coaching, operations knowledge and business directives as indicated by your managers and the company goals. One constant in a business manager job description, is the focus on driving new revenues by effectively challenging and motivating employees. Other duties of equal value would include budgeting, customer service, data analysis, payroll, bookkeeping, human resource, brand development, advertising, market trends and a variety of other business activities as required. The job requires impeccable work ethic, precise attention to detail and experience in working with marketing and business development. Successfully achieving the financial goals of the (your) business.

While it's not always required, many Business Manager Professionals are certified or hold degrees in business, administration, office systems technology and the knowledge of Dentistry.

Our services are no risk and a fee is only charged when a Business Manager is found and a contract is signed. Our seasoned dental recruitment team has real world dental experience and we understand your business at the same level that you do. Managers Exclusively is part of "the" fastest growing dental recruitment network teams that is Dental Exclusively and is the preferred recruitment/consulting company in the market today for Dentists and Dental Specialists and Business Managers nationally.

Our goal is to give you options that will allow you to make the best decisions for you and your practice. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations and helping you achieve personal and professional success at all levels. Our reputation is built on a strong commitment to confidentiality and ethics as stated in our Privacy Policy.

We network with the most successful and sought after Dental Business Consulting /Coaching Company in the United States. The focus would be the operations of your practice. Employ your new Business Manager and achieve some new practice goals. Ask for a referral.


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"I did not learn how to run a business in dental school and I am tired of spending nights and weekends at the office. I enjoy Dentistry and being my own boss, I just do not like the business side of Dentistry."